Adventures in Natural Dyeing

If you follow Handcraeft on social media, you already know that I’ve been dabbling in natural dyeing the last months. It started with simple tea-dyeing, just with the tea I happened to have in my kitchen pantry. Black tea, rooibos tea, any tea. Then I started playing with cut flowers that I had leftover in the house, like daffodils. I used a bottle of wine that I opened and didn’t like, and ended up with with a muted purpley-red osnaburg that I used to make some appliquéd pincushions. I’ve used coffee. I picked dandelions in the neighborhood and tried that. And then I started saving avocado skins and stones.

Catching up and moving on

Hey, friends! I’m so happy to be back and to catch up with things. To catch up with you. I’ve been making some big changes lately! I redesigned the website and blog, and I LOVE it! It’s tedious work, but totally worth it. I’ve also been in the process of rebranding my business. I started out a couple of years ago with a different vision, and it’s taken me a while to realize that it’s totally okay to change your mind and allow your interests and ambitions to evolve. Once I stopped feeling weird about it and started feeling great about it, it was easy to make some big decisions. I shut down my old webshop, which was surprisingly and enormously liberating, and for now, I’m focusing on this blog and my Etsy shop. I hope that, toward springtime, I’ll be able to also realize some fresh ideas and new workshops for my local Groningen friends.