A moment of peace in a time of crisis

It’s hard to know what to say right now. I feel like everything I read – all the articles, all the the social media posts, all the texts, emails and video chats with family and friends, everything – is focused on the the crisis that is COVID-19.

It’s taken me some days to stop feeling bewildered by the daily changes and constant unbelievably bad news, but I’ve forced myself to limit my media consumption in the last few days, and I feel like my little family is starting to settle into our new daily reality of everyone home, all the time. And all the hand washing. And a heightened level of mindfulness when we’re at the grocery store. We have a schedule and a home schooling scheme set up for our 5-year old, and we try to get out and play enough every day to clear out some of the angst. I’m so grateful to have a garden to sit in; a lot of people here don’t. So far we’re all healthy and safe, but we do know folks who’ve tested positive.

Slow Stitching for Stress Relief

I’ve been slowly but steadily incorporating slow stitching into my craft practice over the last year, and as I’ve done that, I notice I spend a lot more time stitching each day. I was thinking about why this is; I mean, I’m doing it because I enjoy it, but there was something else.

Marlies Dinnissen, Silversmith

Adorned with a jovial smile, Marlies Dinnissen graciously welcomes me into her smallish silversmith studio & shop on the Klarendalseweg in the artsy Modekwartier of Arnhem. Flooded with natural light, the studio feels fresh, young and modern. It’s situated in a district densely dotted with artists & artisans in their ateliers & shops and the area, and complete with cozy coffee, lunch and dessert spots, serves as a weekend destination spot for locals and tourists. I visited Marlies on a weekday, so most studios weren’t open, but I definitely plan to go back for another visit on a weekend day when all doors are open.

She has a nice window display embellished with green plants and silver jewels, and the walls visibly dedicate themselves to showcasing her work.