Slow Embroidered Tea Towels: Sunny Weather Series

Slow embroidered tea towel project kit photo

Sunny weather has finally arrived here in The Netherlands!! I don’t know about you, but in sunny spring and summer weather I tend to like working on small and quick-to-finish embroidery projects. I like projects that are portable! This summer my family will be going on a road trip, so I’m lining up a few slow stitching and embroidery projects to bring with me. I’m all about slow and chill projects this summer that allow me to relax and enjoy myself. The first project in this series is slow embroidered tea towels.

Slow Embroidered Tea Towels

Tea towels are so handy to have around the house. One for drying hands, one for drying dishes, one for under the tea pot, one to wipe the counters, and one in the car for road trips! These tea towels are available in several colors and patterns, and you can stitch anything you want on them! They also make great holiday or housewarming gifts!

Using a hera marker and acrylic ruler, score your stitch lines on your tea towel. I usually just fold my towel in half when I score my lines and I’m confident the surface underneath my towel is protected enough. I always start scoring away from my body and pull the marker toward my body. You are essentially making a fold in your fabric that will disappear once you’ve stitched your line. Isn’t that handy?!

Instructional photo how to score stitch lines with fabric marker for slow embroidered tea towel

That’s it – your preparation is done and your tea towel is now ready to be stitched. My favorite tools for stitching tea towels are perle cotton, a sashiko needle and a metal adjustable palm thimble. Score your lines in advance and it’s even more convenient for stitching on the go. I usually have a book and a project in my bag when I leave the house, so if ever I find myself waiting around for some reason, I always have something nice to read or work on. As you can probably see, my stitches are not fussy, nor are they perfect. I worked on this towel while sitting in my backyard rocking chair and listening to the birds. I don’t mind if there’s a little wiggle in my stitch lines.

I’ve made a little kit for this project!

Your kit includes:

• 100% woven cotton tea towel in taupe
• One ball variegated perle cotton thread, size 12
• One set of six Sashiko needles
• A hera marker for scoring your lines
• One 1/2-inch x 10 inch acrylic grid ruler to use with hera marker
• An adjustable metal palm thimble to help push your needle through

You’ll also need a small pair of scissors for snipping your lengths of thread. As a general rule, I cut a piece of thread about the length from my wrist to my shoulder. Find embroidery scissors here!

Find tea towels in more colors and patterns in the shop, as well as thread samplers with variegated perle cotton to give you more options for stitching your tea towels. Your kit comes in an organic cotton drawstring project bag.

Shop project kits

Slow embroidered tea towel project kit product photo Close up view of slow embroidered tea towel







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