Waxed Linen Thread Set

Wonderful waxed Lin Glacé linen thread by trusted and historical French brand Fils au Chinois, which was founded in 1847.

This set of 5 spools includes neutral and muted tones:

  • 493 Khaki
  • 866 Bright Green
  • 100 White
  • 525 Red
  • 470 Garnet

I love using this thread for beaded necklaces and bracelets and other jewelry, and it’s ideal for bookbinding, leatherwork and tons of DIY projects. I’ve also used this in stitching with heavy handmade paper as well as slow stitching.

Made from flax, the strands are twisted together to make a smooth, resistant thread. It’s passed through a starch bath that includes beeswax.

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Additional product information:

:: twisted waxed linen thread
:: 30m spool (about 32 yards)
:: 40 weight
:: wax is smooth, not sticky
:: thread is slightly stiff
:: spool size is 2.5 x 4.8cm
:: thread diameter is .50mm