Silicone Needle Pullers

Snug-fitting silicone thimbles and needle pullers in three sizes by Bohin France.

12.10 inc. VAT where applicable

Needle pullers are an indispensable part of your toolkit for sewing and stitching. Especially for hand quilting and embroidery techniques such as sashiko, these silicone needle pullers make it easier to pull your needle through your fabric. When you have multiple stitches loaded onto your needle, it can be difficult to pull your needle through. You fingers may slide off the needle as you pull it, and you can tire your hand muscles with all the pulling. The silicone needle pullers are a simple yet wonderful solution for this.

These needle pullers are sized very small. The smallest size (small) fits me on my pinky finger, but I don’t have particularly slender fingers. My young daughter also wears the size small on her index finger for stitching. I use the medium and large thimbles on my index finger and thumb. The are quite stretchy! Put them on and take them off with care, being sure not to pull them from the tip, but from base.

The texture is also quite sticky, which is handy when you pinch your needle to pull it through. The two thimbles on your index finger and thumb will stick together, making it that much easier to pull your needle through. With use and over time, if you thimbles get dusty or worn, they will become slightly less sticky.

These thimbles also feature a cutout section at the top of the thimble which you can remove if you have longer fingernails.

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