Score & Cut Kit with Mini Cutting Mat, KAI mini rotary cutter, hera marker & acrylic ruler

This kit includes some of my absolute favorite tools for stitching!

The Score & Cut Kit includes four tools designed to make your sewing and stitching a snap. The gorgeous blue 6×8 inch cutting mat is small enough to fit in your to-go sewing kit but big enough for your smaller stitching and patchwork projects. The mini-rotary cutter from KAI comes in a cool greige color and is the perfect companion for your cutting mat. Use the acrylic grid ruler to keep your lines straight. You can choose either a ruler in inches (1x6in) or in centimeters (3x15cm).

Lastly, use your grid ruler together with the hera marker to make straight lines for stitching. This simple tool is incredibly handy for making stitch lines for your sashiko stitching or visible mending patches. Just press into your fabric and score your lines! No ink or chalk lines to erase.

This set makes a great gift for yourself or a friend.

43.56 inc. VAT where applicable