Sashiko practice set with thread, thimble, needles & denim

Sashiko practice set with Japanese thread, thimble, needles & two organic denim squares.

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Get all the basic tools you need to work on your running stitches with this sashiko practice set. Included are two squares of organic denim, one of organic cotton and one of indigo-dyed hemp denim. You also receive four skeins of cotton thread in black, navy blue, white and ecru, as well as a set of two standard sashiko needles and an adjustable leather thimble, both from Olympus Japan. Wear your thimble low on the middle finger of your dominant hand. Use your thimble to push your needle through your fabric once you’ve loaded several stitches onto your needle.

Your sashiko practice set comes packaged in an eco-friendly glassine bag.

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You receive two organic denim patches in two shades of blue. Use these patches for practice or to mend the knees of your jeans! If you need larger pieces of denim or multiple patches, please get in touch!