Organic Cotton Thread for Embroidery, Natural 8/2

Cotton thread perfect for embroidery and sashiko stitching, big stitch quilting, or even binding your fabric when shibori dyeing. It’s a great all-purpose organic string and its uses are unlimited.

If ever you wanted to dye your own sashiko thread for your projects, this is a fabulous choice! This thread is an undyed natural coton color and is wonderful for natural dyeing with all kinds of plants, flowers and dyes. See photos of examples of this thread I dyed with onion skins.

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Did you know?

This is the thcker of the two organic cotton threads I carry, and is comparable to cotton sashiko thread. I’ve used it for embroidery, sashiko stitching, quilting and binding small projects. I just love it!

I recommend using either sashiko needles or chenille embroidery needles with this thread, depending on your project and your preferences.

  • 100% organic cotton sewing thread, natural color
  • good for dyeing
  • made in The Netherlands
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, annually
  • 650m/710y per spool
  • 8/2 weight
  • unbleached
  • machine wash in up to 60°C, air dry
  • can be ironed