Sharp Embroidery Needles Set by Maison Sajou

Set of 15 assorted sharp embroidery needles by Maison Sajou.

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Set of 15 sharp embroidery needles by beloved French makers Maison Sajou. The vintage-style booklet is printed with the Farandole motif. Old world charm meets modern embroidery tools! You receive 15 assorted sharp embroidery needles in the following sizes:

– needles n°3, measuring 48mm, Ø 1,02mm,
– needles n°5, measuring 38mm, Ø 0,84mm,
– needles n°7, measuring 38mm, Ø 0,7mm,
– needles n°9, measuring 34mm, Ø 0,61mm.

The booklet measures 9.4cm x 6.5cm.

The Farandole is one of the oldest community dances in French Provence in which men, women and children dance hand-in-hand or a shared handkerchief or ribbon. This dance is performed at feasts and celebrations and has been depicted in rock engravings, ceramics and frescoes.

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