Japanese Cotton Sashiko Thread 40m Awai-iro Pastels

Olympus Japanese cotton Awai-iro sashiko thread 40m for hand embroidery or quilting. Choose from five lovely spring pastel colors or the collection of five colors.

3.9319.36 inc. VAT where applicable

Sashiko thread is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and is ideal for embroidery projects, sashiko samplers, visible mending and big-stitch quilting. Awai-iro cotton sashiko thread contains 40 meters (appx 43 yards) of embroidery thread and comes in five gorgeous pastel colors.

Sashiko is a traditional and very old method of Japanese hand embroidery that produces striking, beautiful results. Originally employed as a means for functional textile repair and decoration, sashiko has recently become a very popular method of embroidery and is widely used in visible mending. Sashiko stitching can also be used in hand quilting.

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