Hana-Fukin Sashiko Preprinted Pattern Sampler Cloth

This striking preprinted cotton sashiko pattern cloth by Olympus Japan is a great is something of an optical illusion! Made up of only vertical and horizontal stitch lines, this pattern looks a lot more complicated than it is, and is great for both beginners and experienced stitchers. This pattern is easy to follow and stitch, and can be turned into a 33x33cm (13x13in) pillow cover, wall decoration, table decoration or hand towel.

The stitch line markings will disappear when cloth is washed.

Your dark navy pattern cloth will look great with any color of thread you choose. A white, light or bright contrasting color thread will stand out best. This pattern indicates that 4 skeins of 20-meters thread (80 meters total) is sufficient to complete this pattern. You can also choose one skein of 100-meters thread. Find a selection of sashiko needles, thimbles and threads here.

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Did you know?

Sashiko means “little stabs” in Japanese. Sashiko is a form of functional embroidery traditionally used to reinforce clothing and household textiles. It’s recently become a trendy form of hand stitching, but Sashiko has a rich history. Sashiko is traditionally stitched on indigo blue cloth with white or ivory thread. Learning about this history can greater enhance your stitch practice!