Hana-Fukin Sashiko Preprinted Pattern Cloth Sampler Flowers & Crosses

This beautiful navy blue preprinted cotton sashiko pattern cloth is a great project for all stitchers. Easy to follow and stitch, use this cloth to make a 33x33cm (13x13in) pillow cover, wall or table decoration or hand towel. This pattern is quite detailed and features vertical, horizontal and diagonal stitches to make small crosses and flower petal designs.

When you finish stitching your pattern, soak the fabric in water and watch your stitch marks disappear!

Your dark navy pattern cloth looks great with any color of thread, but a white, light or contrasting color stands out best. For this pattern, use 6 skeins of 20-meters thread (120 meters total). You can also choose two skeins of 100-meters thread. Find sashiko needles, thimbles and threads here.

Pattern is made by Olympus Japan.

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Did you know?

Planning to travel? Bring a preprinted pattern cloth! You need only a few tools for sashiko stitching, so pack your pattern, one skein of thread, needles and thimble and you’re set. It’s an ideal project for on-the-go stitching.

Would you like a little guidance getting started? Check out this kit, which includes sashiko needles, a thimble, one skein of thread and a handy how-to book.