Gift Card Coupon €75

Give a gift of creativity and of high quality, wonderful tools for making!
A Handcraeft give card of €75 will give store credit for the Handcraeft web shop. Your e-gift card will be emailed with a code to redeem the credit; a physical card will not be sent. Here you can choose from €25, €50, €75 or €100 amounts. Store credit will be valid for 36 months.

21% VAT is applicable to EU residents and will be added to the purchase price and value of the gift card.

Handcraeft has international visitors and shoppers all over the world, from countries with differing tax rates. Therefore, gift cards are shown in the base price (excluding tax). If you purchase a €100 gift card, for example, and are visiting Handcraeft from a country with a 10% tax rate, you will pay €110 and the gift card will be valued at €110. If you are in the EU, you will pay €121 and the gift card will be worth €121, etc. 

90.75 inc. VAT where applicable