Cohana Winter Gold Lacquered Handmade Japanese Sewing Scissors

These stunning and luxurious scissors are handmade in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan, a city known for its cutlery. These scissors feature sharp, narrow blades, which make them ideal for fine handcrafts. Scissors are finished with hand painted lovely light beige lacquer with gold detail, which feels smooth in your hand. These scissors are heirloom quality and are truly a pleasure to use! They are sheathed by a genuine leather case and feature a gorgeous, shimmering handmade white and gold tassel. Presented in a gift box with a soft cleaning cloth.

145.20 inc. VAT where applicable

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Cohana produces fine, high quality tools carefully constructed by Japanese artisans and craftsman. “Cohana” is derived from the Japanese goddess of mythology – Konohanasakuyahime. All Cohana tools are made in Japan and are made to last.

These scissors measure 10.5cm (just over 4in) long.

Treat with care and avoid dropping or applying force when cutting. If scissors become wet, wipe them dry with clean soft cloth to avoid rusting.