Chenille Embroidery Needles in sizes 18-24 by Tulip Japan

Chenille embroidery needles by Tulip of Japan in sizes 18, 20, 22, 24 or 18-24.

11.80 inc. VAT where applicable

Tulip chenille embroidery needles are presented in a sweet corked vial for easy storage and are packed in a sleek box, making it a fabulous gift for yourself or your friends. Tulip needles are sharp and will smoothly pierce your fabric. They have an easy-to-thread, quality eye that won’t snag your fibers.

If you only buy one type of needle, I recommend you buy these. The quality is outstanding! They are flexible, warp resistant and resist breaking. These chenille needles are suitable for all kind of embroidery, slow stitching and hand sewing projects. A great investment for your sewing basket!

Each tube includes:

Size #18 – six needles size 1.24mm x 48.5mm
Size #20 – six needles size 1.07mm x 45.5mm
Size #22 – six needles size .89mm x 40mm
Size #24 – six needles size .76mm x 37mm
Set of sizes #18-24: includes one each of sizes 18 and 20 and two each of sizes 22 and 24.

Tip: The larger the number, the smaller the needle.

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