Bohin Special Edition 1950s Reproduction Vintage Needle Sets

This classy cool set of Bohin French needles will be a fabulous addition to your sewing basket! The reproduction packaging is a part of the 1950-1960 Collection, and each set comes in a different color:

Red pack – Mode/Milliner needles sizes 3/9
Green pack – Réparer/Darning and Mending needles sizes 1/5
Purple pack – Broder/Embroidery needles sizes 3/9
Blue pack – Coudre/Sharps sizes 5/10

You receive a set of all four needle packs. Makes a great gift!

Needles are made of nickel plated steel and are made in the Bohin factory in France. Each needle goes through 27 manufacturing stages, ensuring a fabulously smooth glide and perfect point.

22.99 inc. VAT where applicable

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