Hand Sewing Needles Textile Arts Assortment Set

This 14-piece set of hand sewing needles in assorted sizes and styles is ideal for experimenting with different kinds of needles for use with varying thread, floss and textiles. Use the embroidery or tapestry needles with stranded embroidery floss or perle cotton. Try the appliqué, betweens or sharps needles with cotton sewing or quilting thread. It’s a great set to use with slow stitching projects, as you may vary the materials you use within your project.

This set contains:

3 Between Big Eye, size 10
2 Sharps, size 7
2 Long Appliqué, size 10
2 Embroidery, size 6
2 Tapestry, size 24
3 Appliqué, size 11

Bohin’s needles are made of nickel plated steel and have been manufactured in their own factory since 1833. They make wonderful, high quality needles.

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Did you know?

There are so many kinds of hand sewing needles to choose from. It can take a while to figure out what needles suit you for your preferred styles of stitching. Feel free to experiment! Use an embroidery needle for embroidery, but also for mending and hand quilting. You might prefer short and sturdy quilting needles for sewing, or you may prefer longer, more pliable milliner needle. Use what feels the best in your hand and with the materials you are using on your project. Try a variety of needles to get to know your personal style and preferences for hand sewing! Discover thread and floss samplers to use with your needles here.