Bohin Hand Sewing Needles Set of 40 - Vintage Reproduction "Green Edwige"

Set of 40 high-quality hand sewing needles, made in France by Bohin in their own factory. These needles are wonderful, sleek and sharp, and slide so smoothly through your fabric. Your set contains embroidery, tapestry, straw, darning and sharps needles.

Packed in a beautiful “Edwige” special edition vintage reproduction card, pale green with subtle turquoise and pink graphic details.

15.13 inc. VAT where applicable

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Did you know?

The more you experiment with different types of hand sewing, the better you’ll get to know your personal styles and preferences. Your experience with sewing might only be reattaching buttons on shirts. Maybe you are great at sewing clothing or toys. Maybe you enjoy decorating clothing with embroidery stitching, or maybe you’re into cross stitch. Trying different needles, thread & floss, textiles and reasons for stitching can open you up to new ideas and techniques that will enrich your stitch practice.