Marigold devotions, part two

The second of my Marigold devotions is yet another stitchery.

Marigold flower embroidery sachet on Osnaburg fabric
Marigold embroidery project number two. Marigold flower petal pattern stitched on Osnaburg.
Embroidery hoop, muslin, osnaburg and stitchery design
Marigold flower embroidery project materials. Vintage cup and saucer for tea time.

After printing my embroidery pattern on a sheet of transfer paper, I machine-sewed a simple muslin pouch and spoon-filled it with dried Mexican Marigold flowers. I didn’t fuss too much about the sizes of things; I didn’t even measure the rotary-cut muslin or Osnaburg fabric swatches. I whip-stitched the small opening of the pouch and got straight to the embroidery work, which, after all, is what I was most looking forward to. I chose three colors of silk thread by French maker Au Ver à Soie, which I’d been wanting to try for some time. The colors are vibrant and I like the shiny sheen of the silk thread. I’ll definitely use it again.

Marigold flower petal sachet in muslin pouch
Filling the sewn muslin pouch with dried Mexican Marigold flowers.
Machine sewn muslin sachet with Mexican marigold flower petals
Muslin marigold sachet pouch and embroidery thread in three colors.

Like when I was working on the first of my Marigold devotions, I had a lot of intense thoughts going through my mind when I planned and began this project. On the day I sewed the sachet and filled it with Marigold petals, I had just cleaned and freshened up my studio. I had been home by myself all day, my favorite band Stars was playing, late afternoon sunshine flooded the room, and a light, pleasant breeze was blowing through an open window. I found myself humming and singing quietly and realized that I felt lighter than I’d felt for some time. It made me remember how important it is to give myself what I need when I really need it. I know what I enjoy best, and I know what things make me feel better. It’s important to give yourself those things, especially if you’re going through a time of struggle. And so, sitting in my studio, working on my project, half-smiling and drinking tea, I felt content and restored.

This is the second of my Marigold devotions.


Over the following weekend, I spent a great deal more time in my studio reorganizing and moving things around. I added a few green plants and bought myself a gorgeous vintage sewing table.

There’s a lot of value in making a workspace for yourself that’s aesthetically pleasing, personal and comfortable for you to work in, and conducive to efficient and quick set up and clean up. 🖤


By the by, I finished the stitching on my first Marigold project. I haven’t quite decided how to finish it, but for the moment, I’m happy to have it pinned up in my studio so I can see it every day. What do you think?

Flower embroidery stitching detail on linen fabric
Completed Marigold devotion, part one on linen. Merry Gold pattern by cozyblue.

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