Stitching meaning, making history

There’s no shortage of resources out there in print and online about the history of sewing and textile art and, specifically, basic sewing and stitching. I find it fascinating, the history, but that’s not what I want to talk about.

Any novice or experienced stitcher learned their craft from someone at some point. Maybe you learned from a family member or friend, a book, or video tutorial. I learned from my mom. I don’t remember quite how old I was; maybe around seven or eight. My sisters and I each had a wicker basket which contained needles, threaders and various threads and linens. I wish I could remember the projects I worked on, but I don’t. It’s not important. What has remained, significantly, are the associations I make between the trinkets, the handling and experimenting with my trinkets, the shared experience and how much I enjoyed the process and simple act of pulling a needle and thread through fabric.

That’s what I want to talk about. I’ve experimented with a lot a different kinds of creative projects, materials and tools over the years. I’m by no means an expert in anything. I do have a pretty open mind, though, and I’m willing to try most any kind of creative project that suits me. The projects, materials, and tools that stick with me over time are the ones that mean something to me. The ones to which I attach meaning and purpose. And I always come back to simple stitching. A favorite needle, thread, a great pair of scissors, a pattern (or not) and fabric and a purpose. And by participating in this act, one effectively becomes a part of the history of this craft. I revel in the idea of this.

Right now I’m entirely obsessed with Marigolds. I have a deeply personal reason for this, which doesn’t really matter to you, but the point is that they really mean something, represent something, to me. I’ve lately been busy seeking and devoting myself to projects that allow me to focus on that which the Marigold represents to me. I’ve also been allowed the gift of time which allows me to do this, and it’s served as a necessary and gentle refuge for my thoughts and attention. My first posts will be dedicated to the Marigold, to these projects.


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