Handcraeft Collective

The Handcraeft Collective is a local and online initiative to explore slow craft and promote practice, skill, wellbeing and community. 

So, what does that mean? Envision:


A living, breathing, ever-changing group of individuals who come together and share a common interest in learning + practicing slow craft. Our focus is on process over project, connecting with others, starting where you are, learning new skills, and working only on projects that you enjoy. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a respite from our increasingly visually stimulating, demanding and distracting digital world, and enjoy quiet reflection and tactile stimulation on your own terms. I want to explore with you all kinds of traditional techniques for the purpose of inspiring your own modern practice.

Learning about the historical significance of various methods, processes and techniques lends an added dimension to our practice, and over time, we’ll explore these areas together through in-person workshops + events, project kits and challenges via the blog or social media.Β We may also explore related topics, such as sustainability, mindfulness, community outreach, or recycling/upcycling. These topics tend to be natural extensions of discussions surrounding fiber and textile arts.

I can’t wait to help bring folks together to practice what we love, be it in person or through virtual gatherings.

See you soon, friends. πŸ–€