Hi there! I’m so glad you’ve come for a visit. I’ve just announced in my June newsletter that I’ve got a whole new webshop and fresh look in the works for Handcraeft, coming this autumn! I have a ton of ideas, and I can’t wait to show you everything. In the meanwhile, make yourself at home, have a look around, read a blog post or two, and browse the shop.

Welcome! xx Jennifer


glass head sewing pins set
Murano glass head sewing pins sets
Marbled glass head pins set
Organic cotton sewing thread sets
Tulip sewing needles gift set
Short-pitch variegated sashiko floss sets
Pastel silk thread set
Waxed linen thread sets
Curved basting pins for mending

Wool fabric & floss sets
Kai needlecraft scissors 4-inch
Leather sashiko stitching thimble
Bohin fancy flexible thimbles
Organic cotton zipper pouch stitch kit
Laine St. Pierre wool blend floss
Clover Kuroha thread clippers
Organic cotton zippered project pouch